If you are fluent in English then you should get the right result from the English language version. Versions in other languages will be developed in time.

The BPI assessment was developed in 1995 and since than it has been taken by over 5,000 clients in several countries.

The BPI assessment has been proven to be accurate on multi-national brands and single-person businesses, and just about every size in between.

The short answer is no, and here's why. Start by imagining your business if you fixed the two or three worse performing functions. Maybe your customer facing staff get better at doing their job, your reputation becomes enhanced, or you discover what is actually important to your market. The BPI report covers ten categories so you can really zoom in and focus on what needs to improve. What would that do for your bottom line? And remember: that will be included in your profits next year as well. You get year after year of benefits totalling maybe thousands of dollars for a one off fee of US$520. That's a great investment in any language.

The questions are easy to understand and answer. Some people find a challenge in a couple of questions in deciding between two responses. If that happens to you just give the answer that is most appropriate. Each data point that you will see has 19 contributing questions, so no one question will skew your report.

There are 100 questions and most people complete the assessment in 15 to 20 minutes. It may take longer if you think about your answer for too long.

Business owners and managers who look after a business that they think is broken, those that know they should work “on” not just “in” their business but don't know how, and those that just want a better business.

Most business assessments ask questions such as”How often do you follow up sales leads”? They give possible responses of “Always, Mostly, Sometimes, Never” and you know that unless you check “Always” there will be an offer of consulting services to help you fix that. BPI asks questions similar to the kind of questions in an aptitude test, so the intent is not readily identifiable. That means that the assessment cannot be fooled or aimed at a desired outcome. The biggest benefit is that with the old method the business owner cannot discover anything they don't already know, but with BPI you do. And you find out what your market thinks as well.